Modelling Agencies Are a Must for a Successful Career

ImageRegardless of which field of modeling you want to enter and what your age group is it is essential for upcoming models interested in a career to search modelling agencies in their area. A big mistake many potential models make are to respond to casting calls for various modelling jobs, instead of consulting an established modelling agency.

The different types of modelling agencies are:

• Agencies for specialty modelling 
• Plus size models 
• Catwalk agencies for different classes and sizes 
• Infant, toddler and children agencies 
• Teenage modelling agencies 
• Glamour photo operations 
• Promotional modelling and trade shows 
• Commercial modelling 
• Body parts and artistic modelling 
• Runway, high fashion and catalog models

Finding the right agency will take some research as you do not want to join an agency that is going to cost you a lot of money and no real income or constant mediocre jobs. An agency who makes commission from jobs they get you are likely to actively look for work for you, instead of the agencies taking upfront money from payments you have to make to them. So beware of agencies with high joining fees and monthly fees for keeping your portfolio without a single job offer from their side. Online you will find a top list if modelling agencies which you can join for free and do that before you approach a photographer and find out what the different agencies criteria for specific modelling departments are. To wait for a talent scout to discover you when you think you are exceptional may prove to be a mistake as you will never know if you will ever be discovered off chance.

When applying at modelling agencies make sure you have the best possible portfolio and search on the Internet for a couple of your local agencies and talk to some of their clients if possible. Be determined when contacting agencies, use your common sense and be careful. Many times you will not receive any callbacks, but you should not get discouraged as thousands of individuals learn daily how to become models, but for five foot nine inch teenagers and women, with beautiful bodies and flawless complexions there always are a slight possibility. When you really believe you got what it takes you can always approach top companies immediately without trying smaller companies first. Giants in the teenage modelling world like Elite and Ford in New York are both extremely particular and a very few elite models get chosen by them. This does not mean that you have to be satisfied with substandard rates and little credit for work by using a mediocre agency. There are unfortunately as with any industry sharks that are just out to make money as they reckon you do not know much about the modeling industry, so it is imperative that you trust and research the companies you are interested in.


Discover The Creative Artist Within

ImageHello my fellow artists. We artists have the advantage of welcoming each and every day with enthusiasm; a day to do work which we love. To be sure, it is a gift to be an artist. Do you enjoy your present lifestyle? Start your journey to discover the creative artist within your self.

Consider how many people drive themselves to, on, and from a job which they do not like doing, but need to for the sake of financial income until they find an employment slot with work they enjoy performing.

Oh, I agree with you, there are days when we as artists are not happy with our situations. That is the point; it is the situation, not the “self”. However, it is critical that our self stays alert, strong, and focused.

ImageThe reason for staying alert is to be mindful of our inspirations and ideas to help discover the creative artist within our soul. It is the artistic creativity which will give us the solutions to get rid of negative or unwanted situations because of our new found talents.

Working all creativity coming alive into a physical product is amazing. It is a blessed talent.

ImageDid you read that last word… talent? The talent which is your artistry can never be taken away from you. It is yours alone. The natural ability which you possess is the talent which makes you an artist.

Because our art is our livelihood we take our abilities for granted. But the one thing which an artist does that many other forms of employment cannot offer is our inborn talent. It is our natural abilities to create an original product from imagination to its physical existence for others to enjoy.

An artist has the ability to originate and control their destiny. Some of us know as a child that we are destined to be special or to be a part of something special. Some of us are able to identify that niche early in life. Others may need to explore until they discover the creative artist within which abounds with creative ideas and skills.

I have found there is an irony in this exploration. When you look back on that winding road of searching with its many detours, you were actually gathering information and experiences in preparation for the specialized niche. When your eyes opened you discovered your natural abilities for successful living.

People who are very close to us often times do not understand, question, or criticize our quest. But just as a man needs to climb a mountain and cannot explain why; we need to climb our creative mountain of painting, drawing, sculpture, and more. It is absolutely amazing how a new world opens for happiness and contentment when you discover the creative artist within.